STAEDTLER "The Pencil" Set

STAEDTLER "The Pencil" Set

A pencil, a stylus, an eraser, a sharpener and a pencil extender.

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Staedtler - The Pencil

A pencil, a stylus, an eraser, a sharpener and a pencil extender. What more could you ask from a humble pencil?

The Pencil by Staedtler is all of those things.

Made from Staedtler's innovative WOPEX material (extruded natural wood fibre), The Pencil will last up to twice as long as a conventional pencil. The Pencil has a greater weight to it than a conventional woodcase pencil, and has quite a soft, warm feeling in the hand.

The silver plastic pencil extender houses both a pencil sharpener and an eraser, and is surprisingly light-weight. The sharpener is accessed through a turn of the bottom of the pencil extender. One quarter turn and the sharpener can be used, a reverse turn and the sharpener is closed. The eraser is concealed by a cap on the top of the pencil extender.

Capacitive touchscreen stylus is suitable for use on almost all modern touch-screen devices, is more accurate than a finger and won't leave marks on the screen. For drawing and writing apps, you get the natural feeling of a real wooden pencil, combined with all the advantages of an electronic device. To return to notetaking and sketching on paper, you only need to spin the pencil around, making it quick and convenient to work across paper and pixels.

The Pencil set includes one pencil extender cap, and three black Wopex pencils. Each pencil is fitted with a new stylus tip.


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