Staedtler J.S. Princeps Fountain Pen

Staedtler J.S. Princeps Fountain Pen

Experience a character with a sense of tradition.

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Classics outlive their time. They  characterise an era and thus create  a tradition that captivates and  fascinates generations to come. real characters indeed. Experience a  character with a sense of tradition.

A precious rarity
Uniqueness is a question of attitude. We have created a fountain pen as a finely tuned balance of artisan craftsmanship and innovative spirit  for the Princeps line – a product line which not only radiates the elegance of luxury, but lends it as well. The Princeps fountain pen lies so comfortably in the hand that putting it aside isn’t easy. Writing becomes an act of expressive joy and you will enjoy these special moments.

noble beyond compare
Already the body, made of handpicked black walnut and characteristic of all writing  instruments of the Princeps line, impresses with determined individuality. Yet it is the platinum- plated nib of 18-carat white gold that makes the subtle difference, by adapting seamlessly to the writing style of its owner. And lastly, the  precisely coordinated details of the cap make this exquisite Princeps line a top-quality product of traditional craftsmanship.

Clean lines, sharp contours, a feeling  of gliding at the finest of levels.  The ideal symbiosis of elaborately  processed materials combined with  fine-grained European black walnut  wood inspires in a unique way.  Experience this perfectly balanced character.

A fine personality
The perfect sweep makes all the difference, the material takes it into a new dimension. Reward yourself with the outstanding feature of the Princeps rollerball pen: gliding smoothly across paper. Look forward to a  particularly delicate character.

It,s wonderful when form not only follows function but takes it even further: to the state of a classic.  A classic which lets you stand out wherever you are

The all-rounder
The art of always being at hand when it  matters. Accurate, reliable and with a certain extravagance. In other words: writing culture  in perfection. Its wonderful handling and smooth-running giant refill make the Princeps ballpoint pen an all-rounder in a class of its own. A real character indeed.

The distance between two points can be closed by a straight line, or by bridging it more creatively – this is often a question of character.  An accurate line always requires precision in both preparation and execution.

A sophisticate
Precision, the right moment and a touch of  inspiration. Those were the ingredients in  the development of the Princeps rotating  pencils. Its weighting, which increases slight- ly towards the shaft, gives its handling a  noticeable ease. The finely tuned twist section at the tip makes writing tidily and accurately  the most natural thing in the world. Both  drawing and writing become a refined pleasure for creative characters.


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